Wolf the Superhero

Wilq Superbohater


Wolf the Superhero lives in a tower block on a typical estate in Opole. His duties include protecting Opole from “earthly” dangers as well as those from outer space or the afterlife. His sidekicks are a group of friends he's known since high school. Although Wolf can fly and has superhuman strength, his character is nothing like that of a typical superhero – he is always irritable, discouraged and aggressive. He hates having nothing to do, but he also hates it when commissioner Gondor, the chief of police in Opole, calls him to action. Wolf is equally disgruntled when the mission turns out to be a trivial misunderstanding as when his opponent turns out to be too much for him to handle. He constantly complains about lack of support from his friends, but when they are there for him, all he does is insult them.

About the movie

Genre: adventure, comedy, animated series
Status: in production
Directed by: Bartosz Minkiewicz, Leszek Nowicki
Written by: Tomasz Minkiewicz - based on the comic book series of the same title by Tomasz and Bartosz Minkiewicz
Cast: Eryk Lubos, Waldemar Barwiński, Mirosław Zbrojewicz, Marian Dziędziel, Rafał Maćkowiak, Roma Gąsiorowska, Wiktor Loga-Skarczewski
Production manager: Piotr Muradow
Line producer: Wojciech Stuchlik
Creative producer: Aleksandra Kułakowska
Producer: Maciej Sowiński, Andrzej Papis
Co-production: Telewizja Polsat
Series co-financed by the Polish Film Institue
Production: TFP