The black mill

Czarny Młyn


12-year-old Iwo and his friends live in a small, neglected settlement, which has been in decline since the local conglomerate burned down. The ruins of the Black Mill loom frighteningly over the area. When the children decide to enter the mill in spite of being warned not to do so, they unleash a violent storm. From that moment on, strange things start happening in the village. Guided by his disabled sister's premonitions, Iwo discovers that the black mill has been revived and that it is slowly destroying their world. The children will have to face the dangerous force on their own...

About the movie

Genre: a film for young audiences and families, adventure, fantasy
Status: pre-production
Directed by: Mariusz Palej
Written by: Magdalena Nieć, Katarzyna Gacek, based Marcin Szczygielski's book of the same title
Scenography: Katarzyna Sobańska
Special effects: Grzegorz Jonkajtys
Creative producer: Joanna Wendorff—Østergaard
Executive producer: Wojtek Stuchlik
Producer: Maciej Sowiński, Andrzej Papis
Co-production: Film co-financed by the Polish Film Institute
Production: TFP