Behind the blue door


Łukasz and his mum are on their way to the holiday of his dreams. Unfortunately, they are involved in a car accident which forces them apart. Łukasz is sent to live with his eccentric aunt Agatha, who runs a guest house by the sea – the House on the High Cliff. One night, Łukasz discovers that the blue door to his room is a portal that leads to a mysterious world...

About the movie

Genre: a film for young audiences and families, adventure, fantasy
Status: premiered on 04.11.2016 / soon on DVD
Directed by: Mariusz Palej
Written by: Adam Wojtyszko, Katarzyna Stachowicz-Gacek, Magdalena Nieć - based Marcin Szczygielski's book of the same title
Cinematography: Witold Płóciennik PSC
Set design: Katarzyna Sobańska
Costumes: Barbara Sikorska-Bouffał, Julia Bouffał
Music: Michał Szablowski
Cast: Ewa Błaszczyk, Dominik Kowalczyk, Michał Żebrowski, Magdalena Nieć
Production manager: Renata Marszewska
Line producer: Wojciech Stuchlik
Producers: Maciej Sowiński, Andrzej Papis
Co-production: Telewizja Polsat, Fremantlemedia Polska, Heliograf, Alien FX, AB Film Production, Dreamsound, Odra-Film. Film co-financed by the Polish Film Institute
Production: TFP