Behind the blue door


Łukasz and his mum are on their way to the holiday of his dreams. Unfortunately, they are involved in a car accident which forces them apart. Łukasz is sent to live with his eccentric aunt Agatha, who runs a guest house by the sea – the House on the High Cliff. One night, Łukasz discovers that the blue door to his room is a portal that leads to a mysterious world...

About the movie

Genre: a film for young audiences and families, adventure, fantasy
Status: premiered on 04.11.2016 / now available on BLU-RAY & DVD
Directed by: Mariusz Palej
Written by: Adam Wojtyszko, Katarzyna Stachowicz-Gacek, Magdalena Nieć - based Marcin Szczygielski's book of the same title
Cinematography: Witold Płóciennik PSC
Set design: Katarzyna Sobańska
Costumes: Barbara Sikorska-Bouffał, Julia Bouffał
Music: Michał Szablowski
Cast: Ewa Błaszczyk, Dominik Kowalczyk, Michał Żebrowski, Magdalena Nieć
Production manager: Renata Marszewska
Line producer: Wojciech Stuchlik
Producers: Maciej Sowiński, Andrzej Papis
Co-production: Telewizja Polsat, Fremantlemedia Polska, Heliograf, Alien FX, AB Film Production, Dreamsound, Odra-Film. Film co-financed by the Polish Film Institute
Production: TFP

„…Behind the blue door: a visually stunning horror movie for young viewers. There was no such a film in Poland yet…”

Paweł T. Felis, Gazeta Wyborcza

„…Definitely a spectacular fantasy picture, full of magic, which is hard to resist (…) Behind the blue door is a courageous undertaking of Poles, showing that we can create a pretty decent fantasy movie, with pretty smart storyline and eye-catching special effects…”

Bartosz Kęprowski,

„…Behind the blue door (…) is a show off of Mariusz Palej's visual imagination. Show off that demanded a lot of sacrifice from him, and looking for the opportunities to positively cheat the audience…”

Maciej Stasierski, AreYouWatchingClosely

„…The world behind the blue door shines, but it also hides a dark mystery. Exploring it, Łukasz draws danger to the real world. And here the fairytale is mixed with reality, and events are accelerating…”

Ewa Świerżewska,

„…Szczygielski i Palej treat young viewers seriously…”

Barbara Hollender,

„…such proposals for a young viewer - conscious, with an unobvious message and final, Polish cinema lacks. It is worth watching this film with the child (...) After the show there will be many topics to talk…”

Piotr Guszkowski,