TFP is based in Warsaw, Poland. We have been in the audiovisual industry since 2004. Our business consists of three departments – TV productions, commercials and film productions, each with a dedicated team of experienced creatives and professionals, who are specialists in their fields.

We have been producing television programmes for over ten years. Among the dozens of seasons of programming we have produced, most were our own original projects; very few were based on foreign formats. Today, this continues to be our priority. We are looking forward to working with Polish creative talents in the years to come.

We are active players on the Polish advertising market, working as a dedicated production house for Polkomtel, Cyfrowy Polsat S.A., Plus Bank S.A and many others. Since we entered the business, we have produced over 100 television ads which make up over 40 high-budget campaigns.

Our feature film production department is growing dynamically. Our debut, „Behind the Blue Door”, a film for young audiences directed by Mariusz Palej, broke the turnout record for Polish children's films. We are currently working on feature projects.

In 2015, we launched „Dystrybucja Mówi Serwis”, a company dedicated to film distribution (see more at- www.dystrybucjamowiserwis.pl